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Each month, we will post a list of the newest titles we have received or added to our collection in celebration, honor, or memory of an individual or group. We would like to thank those whose generous donations help to support and grow our library.

The Memorial and Honor Books and Items List

For September 2019

In Memory of Helen Blaskiewicz, “Finding the Bright Side” by Shannon Bream, presented by Daughter Nancy Restaino

In Memory of Constance Sclafani, “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm” by Liz Fourez, presented by Louis Brochu

In Memory of Constance Sclafani, “Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver” by Jil Heinerth, presented by Dianna Parizo, Bob Elsenger, Phil and Trish Santopietro, and Bob and Sandy Piscitelli

In Memory of Constance Sclafani, “The Beekeeper of Aleppo” by Christy Lefteri, presented by Davies Family

In Memory of Jacqueline M. Jones, “What’s Your Favorite Bug?” by Eric Carle, presented by Sandy Bradbury and Family

The following books are in Memory of Mrs. Mary Emmanuel and are presented by David and Fay Emmanuel:

Lady in the Lake” by Laura Lippman (large print)

Home is Where the Heart Is” by Linda Byler (large print)

The following books are in Memory of Erik Sowga and are presented by The Lutz Family:

Firefighters’ Handbook” by Meghan McCarthy

Fire Truck Dreams” by Sharon Chriscoe

The following books are in Memory of Renny and are presented by Jim, Taryn, and Olivia Barrall:

The Great Puppy Invasion” by Alastair Heim

Nubs: the True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle” by Brian Dennis