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Each month, we will post a list of the newest titles we have received or added to our collection in celebration, honor, or memory of an individual or group. We would like to thank those whose generous donations help to support and grow our library.

The Memorial and Honor Books and Items List

For November 2023


In Memory of June Foster Van Etten, Santa and Company by Fern Michaels (Large Print), presented by Norman Leandri

In Memory of Mrs Dolores McCue Dunleavy, Fashion Designers A to Z by Valerie Steele, presented by Mr and Mrs Donald R Lloyd

In Memory of Patrick Beisel, Piece by Piece: How I Built My Life (No Instructions Required) by David Aguilar, presented by Margarita J Langdon

In Memory of Dr Arthur Meyer, Taking Care of Your Child by Robert H Pantell, presented by Norma Leandri

In Memory of Julie Wanzenried, Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by Debra M Eldredge, presented by Yvonne Kelly

The following books are in Memory of Jerry Paluck and are presented by Jeff and Diane Dreier:

The Secret by Lee Child

Obsession by Stuart Woods (Large Print)

The following books are in Memory of Barbara L Kohler and are presented by Stephen and Estella Killian:

Penguin and Ollie by Salina Yoon

Pretty Perfect Kitty-Corn by Shannon Hale

Hopefully the Scarecrow by Michelle Houts

The following books are in Memory of Connie Hoover and are presented by Jeff and Diane Dreier:

A Healthier Home by Shawna Holman

The Home Edit: Stay Organized by Clea Shearer

The following books are in Memory of Marguerite (Peg) Marshal Evans and are presented by Mark Marshall:

Call It Home: The Details That Matter by Amber Lewis

Pie is Messy: Recipes from The Pie Hole by Rebecca Grasley